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My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping. Unknown

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Glossary of Design Terms

Design booklets by Turkish designer, Volkan Olmez. They were created for presentation at the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers. Each colourful pocket size book describes a common design term such as Amorphous, Contour, Transform or Vector.

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Perhaps this is why creative people are singularly vulnerable every time they put their art — whatever its nature — into the world. Without the shield of, say, a Ph.D. to point to and say, “But look, I’m real,” it’s all too easy to hang our merit and worth and realness on the opinions of others — opinions often mired in their own insecurities and vulnerabilities, which at the most malignant extreme manifest as people’s tendency to make themselves feel big by making others feel small, make themselves feel real by making others feel unreal… When one is forced to be one’s own judge, one also tends to be one’s worst critic, and any outside fuel in the engine of self-criticism feels equally potent… Cultivating discipline and clarity in one’s self-assessment is of tremendous, soul-saving importance. It’s the ability, acquired through practice, of seeing one’s work for what it is — whether proud-making or imperfect or, quite often, both — by one’s own standards, and not to hang the fullness of one’s heart or the stability of one’s soul on those external opinions and definitions. Some thoughts on the creative life.

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Typographik Magazine Covers  |  Matthew Benkert

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I like design to be semantically correct, syntactically consistent, and pragmatically understandable.

I like it to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all timeless.

M. Vignelli
Château de Sceaux, France  |  Philippe Lejeanvre

Château de Sceaux, France  |  Philippe Lejeanvre